Fig & Nutella Breakfast Bars

Fig & Nutella Breakfast Bars from GF Canteen

It's a breakfast bar that gives you a little bit of everything from a healthy granola mix to a little bit of tasty Nutella or almond butter. Easy to make, keeps well, these crunchy bars provide a … [Read more...]


S'Morewiches, the other no-bake fun dessert when it's too hot to bake

S'morewiches are the antidote for what ails. Like the end of summer in the rearview or trees turning color in August. But hey, it's still hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk.  … [Read more...]

Nutella No-Bake Bars

Almond Butter No-Bake Treats

If you have ten minutes there could be Nutella No-Bake Bars in your future. Or Almond Butter Swirl No-Bake Bites. Or both.  … [Read more...]