Mile High Ambrosia Pie

Mile High Ambrosia Pie from GF Canteen

It's always a good day for pie. Ambrosia pie, in fact.  Or mile high pie, as we call this thing.  … [Read more...]

Homemade Hobnobs

Homemade gluten-free Hobnobs. Nobby good.

I don't think the McVitie's empire has anything to worry about but these homemade gluten-free Hobnobs might be my new favorite version of the nobby cookie collection. Where might they be found, you … [Read more...]

Stuff in the Canteen Kitchen

All my kitchen (things)

I bet you've always wanted a peek into the Canteen kitchen, right? Kidding. It's boring. It's small and there's never room for everything. … [Read more...]