Mocha Milk Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Mocha Milk Chocolate Shortbread Cookies from GF Canteen

Early afternoon sometime between lunch and a long time till dinner, a cookie or two (or three) can save the day.  … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cherry Whoopie Do’s

Chocolate Cherry Whoopie Do's. Donuts meet Whoopie Pie.

Just wait until someone asks what you're baking when preparing this recipe. If you answer with whoopie do - the other person is guaranteed to shrug and leave the kitchen wondering why the heck they … [Read more...]

Want a Girl Scout Cookie? Thin Minty Mints & More

GF Canteen Thin Mint Doppelganger

This time of year I want a Thin Mint cookie. I bet you do, too. Fortunately for us there are loads of great GF bakers out there who can help. Read on. … [Read more...]