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Baking Wreck: The Fallen Gluten Free Angel (Cake)

GF angel cake wreck; tunnel meets too much chocolate glaze Like calculus, there are some things that defy staying cemented in my brain.  Like the difference between  chiffon and angel cake.   I … [Read more...]

Tiramisu, Gluten Free

Eat dessert first!  Gluten Free Tiramisu UDATE 2012:  Visit this newer recipe for an updated Tiramisu. A fellow baker and I often chat about what's for dessert tonight instead of what's for … [Read more...]

Ask Essie: Accommodating a Celiac When Feeding a Group?

Elaine wants to know a way to accommodate preparing food for a group where one member needs a gluten free meal, particularly a kid's group. Well, Elaine, that is an excellent question and as more … [Read more...]