Archives for May 2011

GF Ratio Rally: Cracked Pepper & Cheese Gougères

If you think that the custard filled, chocolate topped cream puff is the ultimate pâte à choux, then you need a taste of the savory stinky cheese cousin, the gougère, Ridiculously easy and savory - … [Read more...]

A Cake Tin With Heart: One More Time

three generations of heart and cake For every family birthday as far back as photographic proof goes, a heart shaped cake was front and center for the celebration.  My mother was a superb baker … [Read more...]

Crunchy Carrot Cookies for the Pups

Now? really? not yet? really? Lulu and Phoebe would sample their way through the  Farmer's Market if they could successfully disguise themselves in couture and sunglasses while carrying little … [Read more...]