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Red, White and Blueberry Parfait for the 4th of July

With a long holiday weekend approaching, you might still have time to make a batch of pocket pies.  But just in case, you still have plenty of time to make this 4th of July summer dessert. … [Read more...]

Perfect Picnic Pocket Pie, Gluten Free

It's pie month at the Canteen and don't forget to join the (international) Pie Party on July 5th - read about that here.  But today we begin our journey with a gluten-free pint-sized version. I've … [Read more...]

Oh My, Pie (Crust)

For a long time in my kitchen attempting gluten-free pie dough was easily one way to throw away expensive ingredients.  I made my share of GF pie wrecks after decades of being a gluten pie maven. It … [Read more...]