Out Of A Box: The Premiere


This week brings some interesting new stuff to the GF Canteen.  We’ve moved the GF Canteen to a self-hosted site using WordPress which will give us lots of room to grow – it’s the same only different.  The good news is that Cap’n Awesome, Minister of (techie) Magic is taking care of all this stuff.  That leaves me right where I like – baking in the kitchen and writing.

The blog will have some new features as it grows, like a print function for recipes which I’ve wanted forever.  The upgrades are happening, like any DIY project, on evenings and weekends, so be patient (mostly reminding myself).

And we are debuting a new category this week, coming up Friday morning.  It is called Out Of A Box and the first treat will be a GF Twinkie.  It was a request that I was more than happy to accommodate.  Retro goodies are a fun challenge to recreate GF – while making them the same only better.

Enter the box.

Once upon a time, we had kids, assorted dogs, a horse, rabbit and more cats than we knew about, all living at the same address (farm-ish).  With  full-time jobs, ridiculous commutes, and unreal winters to weather, I had no problem using box mixes to create some fun cakes or cupcakes.

Ten years ago when we began eating gluten-free, finding a box mix was next to impossible.  But the times, they are a changing. There have been some interesting GF mixes showing up in the market that deserved a look.

But some are never going to find their way into my kitchen. I am not a fan of x-gums at all (nor they, me) and I would rather eat nothing than anything with tapioca as a main ingredient because it makes my teeth hurt.  And don’t let me catch you putting bean flours in sweet baked goods.  Would you add chickpeas to chocolate chip cookies?  Not me.

But now there are are a variety of good choices out there.  My preference for simple yellow or chocolate cake mixes is Betty Crocker GF*.  While it has x-gum in it, I am happy to make it for someone who has no gastro issues with gums – and there are many out there who tolerate it just fine.

It happens that with ratio baking you can do a lot with a mix.  A cake is not all you can make.

We will eventually move on to other things, mostly of the retro variety.  GF Hostess Cupcakes, GF Whoopie Pies and my all time old favorite, GF Ho-Hos.

Look for Out Of A Box to appear about once a month.

And we are taking requests!  Just add your thoughts in the comments.

And tune in this Friday – and tell your friends.

(*nope. not a paid endorsement – just tasty and easy to find at your local grocery)






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