It’s Here! Gluten Free Canteen’s Book of Nosh

We’ve been crazy busy at Chez Canteen baking enough challah, mandelbrot, matzo, rugelach and strudel to make our neighbors think we actually operate a bakery in our match-box apartment. But what we’ve really been doing is testing recipes, writing and publishing the Gluten Free Canteen’s Book of Nosh.

Finally. It’s here. It’s near and it’s even trilinear. There’s the eBook, Amazon Kindle, and paperback versions – all the same only slightly different.

The hearty response to our small Jewish Holiday Collection of recipes on the Canteen blog was the reason we decided to expand the concept into a mini-book.

While the 33 recipes in the Book of Nosh will be helpful to anyone baking gluten-free and celebrating Jewish Holidays, it will also be familiar to anyone who frequents a Jewish Bakery or deli and wants to make those classic goodies at home and gluten-free. Everyone loves a Jewish Bakery.

There are challah recipes that range from a quick, one pan effort to others that require a little bread making mishegas including braiding. There’s a challah for everyone in The Book of Nosh.

For those who seeks the holy grail of bread with chocolate – three words: chocolate rum babka. Don’t miss that one.

If the Gluten Free Canteen were a bakery, the glass cases would be filled with cookies and pastries, tarts and cakes along with challah and babka. No one want to leave without a box filled with strudel, chocolate rugelach or mandelbrot.

Nothing says comfort food more than potato latkes or kugel – noodle or potato pudding. We took it up a notch and created a sweet potato kugel that is as light as a souffle. And there’s lots more in the Book of Nosh.

If you are seeking recipes that are dairy-free or that can be made kosher, this book is for you. Did you know that kosher is not limited to households who are kosher?  About 80% of kosher products in the United States alone are bought by non-kosher households. About 40% of all grocery products sold in the United States are kosher certified. You probably have a shelf full of kosher food and might not even know it.

The recipes in the book use ingredients we typically have in our gluten-free pantries. And just in case there are a few ingredients you might need, there is a handy resources list in the book. We also included some gluten-free baking tips that should make your efforts easier.

Click on the links and buy Gluten Free Canteen’s Book of Nosh today. The eBook and Kindle versions have photos for every recipe. The paperback book has additional photos plus one for each recipe.

Read the book. Make a recipe. Write a review on Amazon and/or Lulu.

Thank you.

And know that we are grateful for all your support. But please.  Before you go, have a nosh. We have cookies.





  1. JoAnn C. says:

    Congratulations Lisa! How wonderful of you to share this news with your readers. Thank you.

    JoAnn C.

    P.S. I’ll buy the book and I won’t send it back ’cause I ain’t no Challah back girl.

    P.P.S. I know, bad joke, I’m a Gwen Stafani fan.

  2. Judith Zelda Levy Stander says:

    Am I allowed to tell you how proud of you I am?

  3. congrats, lisa!! very exciting… 🙂

  4. Yay! Congratulations, how exciting!!! I’m not up for much baking in the kitchen these days – I’m doing the kind of baking that involves laying around sick in bed! 😉