Archives for March 2013

Coconut Almond Gooey One Bite Tarts

Little tiny tarts, or in this case, one (big) bite tarts are our new favorite treat. It gives you that great sweet-treat indulgence while limiting the thing to a bite or two instead of a gigantic … [Read more...]

Two Bite Spinach Quiche, Gluten Free

Quiche are getting smaller around here. We began with giant tarts, moved to small pie dishes, then small tart pans and now little muffin sized tarts, or Two Bite Quiche. They might be perfect for a … [Read more...]

Bunny Foo Foo Raspberry Donuts, Gluten Free

Welcome to year two of the Easter Bunny Foo Foo festival.  Bunny Foo Foo Cupcakes  were last year's headliner. This year, raspberry lemon donuts with a maraschino glaze, topped with a tiny bit of … [Read more...]