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Chocolate Almond Coconut Bars, Gluten Free

I always wondered what an all chocolate Almond Joy Bar might look like. So I made one - sort of -  kind of -  but different. It isn't candy -  it's almost good for you and  has less ingredients by … [Read more...]

Very Berry Crumble Crisp, Gluten Free

Sometimes coming up with a name for a recipe is the hardest part of blogging. You want something catchy yet it should make sense. I'm not a fan of blog titles that read like a novel - you know - The … [Read more...]

Tarragon Deviled Eggs

When the weather is hot enough to bake cookies on the dashboard of a car, it might be too scorchy to turn on the oven. I don't get excited about those no-bake cookie or cake recipes so let's move on … [Read more...]