4th of July Chocolate Cupcake Bites, Gluten Free


4th of July Chocolate Cupcake Bites. Small bite, no guilt treats to celebrate the holiday. Gluten and diary free.

These little chocolate mini cupcake bites might be as versatile as luggage that goes from tiny to huge with the zip of a zipper. For the Fourth of July they get topped with patriotic sprinkles – for other holidays they might wear a different kind of bedazzled thingy. One little zippy change and they’re the cake that goes with every thing. Also, a single batch makes a zillion minis – perfect for the backyard barbecue, cookout, or even a picnic.

You can certainly make the cake from scratch by using any chocolate cake recipe in the blog (index). But why not take a break and go buy yourself a simple little mix? I like this particular chocolate cake mix (Betty Crocker ) because it contains guar gum and not xanthan gum and almost every store carries it. Also, the adding goodies like vanilla and a splash of coffee help make the flavor go from box-mix meh to holy cow in a hurry – with little effort.

It’s dairy-free (on purpose) and will hold up in the heat a little bit better than little butter cupcakes. And unless you are Martha Stewart and use cloth napkins, table clothes, forty dozen wicker baskets, and vegetables carved into centerpieces for your backyard or cookout event, don’t feel bad about using a cake-mix.  In our cupboard, you will always find a cake-mix or two alongside everything else. And aside from all that mishagas about not baking from scratch, some of those mixes taste pretty good.

The icing, however,  is little bit more flavorful made from scratch, but no one is going to tell on you if you buy a can of frosting and use that instead.  Just make sure to buy a brand of icing and sprinkles that are labeled GF. They’re out there.

We are pretty partial to all things chocolate (surprise, huh?) but you could make a yellow cake instead. Feel free to use chocolate frosting, too – but the white kind of brings out the festivity of the sprinkles.

Don’t let the holiday go by without celebrating in style, with little cupcake bites sporting patriotic sprinkles and more frosting, than cake. But just in case you’d rather have a parfait,  shortcake or picnic pies, here are some other links.

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4th of July Festive Chocolate Cupcake Bites, Gluten Free
Makes about 48 mini cupcake bites. Use festive cupcake liners and sprinkles to fit the holiday and you'll be instantly popular at any picnic or cookout this July 4th. A yellow cake mix works as well as chocolate. Be sure to use a 15 oz. size mix like Betty Crocker or Gluten Free Pantry.
Mini Bite Cupcakes
  • 1 15 oz. box of GF chocolate cake mix (Betty Crocker preferred)
  • 86 grams of shortening (6 tablespoons) (Spectrum Organic preferred)
  • 3 extra-large eggs
  • 160 grams almond milk (2/3 cup)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon brewed coffee (decaf is fine)
White Icing
  • 96 grams shortening (8 tablespoons)
  • 330 grams powdered sugar (3 cups)
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1-3 tablespoons almond milk
  • GF holiday sprinkles, coarse sugar, berries, or mini chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Place liners in two 24-count mini muffin pans.
  2. In a large bowl carefully pour in the cake mix, the shortening, eggs, milk, vanilla extract and coffee. Using an electric mixer, blend until everything is incorporated, fluffy and smooth, about 2 minutes. Scoop ⅔ full into liners and bake 13-15 minutes, rotating pans halfway for even baking. Remove mini cupcakes from the pan after a minute or two and transfer to a rack to cool completely before frosting.
  3. In a large bowl blend the shortening and powdered sugar on low just until coarse crumbs form. Add the vanilla extract and almond milk, one tablespoon at a time until the frosting looks smooth, but still thick. Whip on high until double in size. Pipe or spoon onto cupcakes and add your choice of decorative topping.

4th of July Chocolate Cupcake Bites. Small bite, no guilt treats to celebrate the holiday. Gluten and diary free.



  1. your cupcake papers seem to withstand the baking. Where do u get them? thanks