Thanksgiving: The Recipe Collection


Stuffing, pies, cookies, and easy pastry are what we all look forward to on Thanksgiving. Oh, and probably a little turkey and vegetables. But mostly stuffing and pie. And we have plenty.

Stuffing_ready_sq1kDo you like Stove Top Stuffing? I do. A lot. I should say I used to like it. This recipe for Really Good Thanksgiving Stuffing mimics the stuff in a box. It’s good. And it feeds a small city. But hey, it’s stuffing so you’ll need plenty.


Cornbread Challah Stuffing, gluten and dairy free. Fresh and fragrant, just from the oven.But we have this other Corn Bread Challah Stuffing that’s made with – you guessed it – homemade corn bread and challah. It’s also easy and terrific, especially because challah is similar to brioche which is a very rich egg bread making the flavor of the stuffing so good that you might be unhappy once you get to the last spoonful at the bottom of the pan. Make plenty.


Biscuits_BreakfastsOn_sq1kGot gravy? Then you might need some really good Fluffy Biscuits to go with that gravy. Or you might have leftover gravy that needs a biscuit, right? I bet you could even make a turkey & cranberry biscuit sandwich with these.


Caramel Pumpkin Pie. Expect the extraordinary. With or without dairy. Both gluten-free.May we get you some pie? Yes? Let’s start with Caramel Pumpkin Pie which is easy, and one of the prettiest pies if you’re trying to impress your guests. That it also tastes great is a big help, right?  I bet it also helps that you can make it dairy-free or full of dairy. Your choice. Either way, it’s a great tasting pie.


Sweet Potato Nog Pie, gluten & dairy free. A slice just for you.Just in case you aren’t a fan of pumpkin (that would be me) we have a Sweet Potato Nog Pie that is dairy-free but certainly not taste-free. I do love sweet potatoes and this pie certainly stars my favorite non-spud spud.


PumpkinPie_1large_sq1kAn oldie, but goodie from the way back machine on the blog is the Tipsy Pumpkin Butter Pie which means what it says. It has a glug of alcohol plus pumpkin butter which makes the pie a nice dessert for a family gathering. You know, the kind of gathering where alcohol is exactly the right thing by the time you get to dessert. What?


Little Pumpkin Holiday Hand Pies for Thanksgiving from GF CanteenAnd let’s not forget the tiny Little Pumpkin Holiday Hand Pies which are adorable and perfect if you’ve run out of silverware by the time dessert time arrives. They’re called hand pies for a reason. Seriously – with coffee after a big dinner, these might be the perfect thing. Also, no one can argue over who got a bigger slice of pie.


Apple Pumpkin Crostata, gluten free. One slice for you, but you'll be back for more!Running out of time to make dessert? This Apple Pumpkin Butter Crostata is the thing that subs for pie when pie is not handy. It works. It’s got a crust and stuff on top. And it tastes good and really, that’s what everyone cares about when it comes to dessert. Plus it has all the holiday flavors, apples, pumpkin and cranberry.


Pumpkin Streusel Muffins, gluten & dairy free. Quick, easy and delicious!Got company staying over so you need breakfast ideas? How about Pumpkin Corn Streusel Muffins? Easy and pretty tasty plus they go well with gallons of coffee or tea.


Sweet Potato Quick Bread. Leftover sweet potato? Make quick bread. Gluten-free.Also, this Sweet Potato Quick Bread is a nice alternative to pumpkin. Serve up slices with coffee – you could even toast the slices and serve with a side of cream cheese for breakfast.


Apple Pumpkin Holiday Blintzes from GF CanteenApple Pumpkin Butter Blintzes. Want to wow your guests? The crepes can be made ahead of time as can the filling. In no time at all breakfast can be served.


Pumpkin Pie Oat Cookies, Gluten Free. Easy as pie.Of course you’ll need sweet treats to serve if everyone is stuck inside and dinner isn’t anywhere near ready. These Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Cookies are both tasty and kind of good for you. I make the dough ahead of time, scoop them and then refrigerate so I can bake what I need quickly.


Pumpkin Mandelbrot for Thanksgivukkah. Gluten and dairy-free.Pumpkin Mandelbrodt (kind of like biscotti) are handy to have on hand. They keep for quite a long time in a tin and at a moment’s notice you can have something to serve with coffee or tea.


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