About Us Old

I’ve been baking gluten-free for over 10 years.  Through trial and error, lots of error, I’ve succeeded in converting some favorite recipes into gluten-free confections. When the need arises, I’m not above inventing a new recipe to accommodate a wish.  My baking philosophy is pretty simple; baking gluten-free doesn’t have to be taste free and whenever possible, use chocolate.   Making my share of disasters over the years, and proud to be a member of the cake wreck society, I am not afraid to jump in where other baker’s good sense might fear to tread.

I come from a long line of bakers who emigrated from Eastern Europe to the suburbs of America at the turn of the last century supplied with heirloom family recipes that are slowly being converted to gluten-free.  My gracious neighbors count on me to supply them with the weekly overflow of freshly baked treats – and not one of them can guess that those confections are gluten-free.

And in a fair and balanced baking world, I strive to make sure my two Boston Terriers, Lulu & Phoebe, who are also gluten-free, get their share of homemade treats.  Covered in gluten-free flour dust,  I can usually be found in the kitchen wielding some sort of spatula.

Cast of characters

I’m Lisa.  I’m the one who buys the chocolate and notices when we need cookies.  Sometimes I think we need more than one kind of cookie at a time.  I’ve been known to have two or more cookie tins on the counter at once.  Count on it.

And then there is Tim, aka Cap’n Awesome who is also gluten-free.  He has recently taken up the cause of finding a way to create gluten-free croissants, puff pastry and brioche.   Anyone who can make me a gluten-free croissant is awesome.  Formerly known as The Geek for so many reasons, not the least of which that he is one, Captain Awesome is now referred to as the bread maker.  He is also responsible for the Canteen food photos.  If you find yourself reaching through the monitor and drooling slightly, you have him to blame.

And because we talk about them so frequently – here is the remaining cast of characters, or almost all of them.  And yes, indeed, this is what they look like most of the time:  (back row) the son-in-law, the lemon-loving-in-laws, the oldest child, (front row-ish) me, the youngest but tallest child, cap’n awesome, the little boys and little tiny photo-shopped Lulu & Phoebe.

Welcome to the GF Canteen.