Ask Essie: How (not) to Read a Recipe

I need glasses? Really? (then) Caroline asks if you need to be a professional recipe developer to convert recipes to gluten-free and what's my favorite way to read a recipe? Nope.  You do not … [Read more...]

Ask Essie: In the GF Canteen – My Favorite Things?

Carla asks: what  products do you like to use to bake gluten-free? I thought you guys would never ask! First - this caveat.  This would not be an official endorsement for any of these products … [Read more...]

Ask Essie: Weighty Matters? Win a Kitchen Scale!

JoAnne asks if it really is all that important to weigh flours rather than using a measuring cup.  After all, using a cup measure is pretty common and easy - why should I switch? Really good … [Read more...]