Baking Wrecks: Where’s the Fig?

Today's baking wreck is brought to you by the Fig. Fig Newton Newman, actually. Since the Ginger-O reproduction was successful, I thought it might be time to conquer the Newman Fig Newton (say … [Read more...]

Baking Wrecks: A GF Cherry Pie Wreck on Pi Day

Lulu and Phoebe were willing to eat this - We weren't! I really do know how to make a pie.  I've made some fabulous pies over the years.  But once in a while a whole bunch of pies will come out of … [Read more...]

Baking Wreck: The GF Croissant that Wasn’t

19 hours of labor later They look quite like about-to-be croissants in this photo. Those three in the back were set to become little pain au chocolat.  It took over 19 hours to make them that … [Read more...]