Charoset Muffins

Charoset, a dish traditionally made from finely diced apples, walnuts and wine (or juice) is an important part of the Passover seder table. But charoset also makes a terrific muffin filling. … [Read more...]

Lemon Berry Macaroon Tart

It's the perfect dessert pairing for any Passover table, lemon and coconut. Combine a freshly baked macaroon (crust) crispy on the outside, chewy in the center with a tart & tangy lemon filling, … [Read more...]

Easy Cranberry Nut Bread

There's nothing like a slice of warm (grain-free) quick bread with a cup of coffee. This one is full of plump dried cranberries and pecans. Plump dried cranberries sounds like an oxymoron but it isn't … [Read more...]