Copyright & Licensing


The contents of Gluten Free Canteen are protected by copyright.  Reuse of the content under certain circumstances is granted under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported.   Refer to the information in the license for details. The license is displayed on all pages and posts for your reference.

Attribution is easy.  Credit the Gluten Free Canteen by name in your work and make sure there is a URL link back to this blog/post.  You should also use a link in the caption of any image.  Better to make the image itself a link back to the GF Canteen.  A link without attribution is in most cases not going to be enough.  For hard-copy reproduction please use one of the many accepted scholarly bibliographic reference types – if you don’t know what that is, Google it.

We request that you limit your use of images to only one from each Gluten Free Canteen post or static page unless you get prior permission from the authors.

For permission to use any content beyond the license as granted, or if you have questions or are a commercial entity, please e-mail [email protected] [email protected].

David Lebovitz wrote an article on recipe attribution and how to be polite when it comes to sharing –  see the Food Blog Alliance. Take time to read it here.

We are absolutely happy that you love our work so much that you’d like  to use it – but please play nice.  Follow the rules and good practices and we will all be good friends.


If you are a commercial entity and would like a license to use our photos please contact us.