Baking by Weight: The Handy Dandy Chart

Caveat - I did all this weighing myself using two flour providers and two different methods.  All the flours are from Bob's Red Mill with the exception of the superfine brown and white rice flours … [Read more...]

GF Flour, The Weighty Chart & Win a Scale

If you still are on the fence about weighing your GF flours, take a look at Allison's (Eat Love Drink) post about these AP flours.  Just the difference alone between whole wheat and white flours is … [Read more...]

Ask Essie: How (not) to Read a Recipe

I need glasses? Really? (then) Caroline asks if you need to be a professional recipe developer to convert recipes to gluten-free and what's my favorite way to read a recipe? Nope.  You do not … [Read more...]