Cranberry Cheese Cookies for the Pups, Gluten Free

One of Lulu & Phoebe's most favorite treats are leaves of raw spinach. We weren't sure if they were just vacuum cleaners or incredibly discerning so we did a taste test. We dropped arugula (win) … [Read more...]

Halloween Treats for the Pups – Pumpkin Button Cookies, Gluten Free

While Lulu & Phoebe think Halloween is pretty lame, they do love the idea of trick or treat, um treat. … [Read more...]

Birthday Carrot Pupcakes for Lulu

Happy 7th birthday to my girl, Lulu.  She's finally attained that perfect middle-aged cranky Crone status, in dog years, that is.  Think Gladys Kravitz in a little dog suit, with an agent and an … [Read more...]