Cranberry Cheese Cookies for the Pups, Gluten Free

One of Lulu & Phoebe's most favorite treats are leaves of raw spinach. We weren't sure if they were just vacuum cleaners or incredibly discerning so we did a taste test. We dropped arugula (win) … [Read more...]

Love The Dog You’re With: Apple Oat Molasses Cookies

Since the day is about love, it would be nice to remember those that provide the actual unconditional love and gift them with something tasty and easy to make. Lulu and Phoebe make my life better … [Read more...]

Ginger Banana Gluten Free Dog Cookies

Lulu and Phoebe signature cookies:  Mine and Mine Last summer, my answer to our unexpected and ridiculously long stretch of unemployment was to spend hours in the kitchen using baking therapy to … [Read more...]