Black Forest Cherry Cake, Gluten Free

Though Black Forest Cherry Cake is a confection with a long history, its stateside fifteen minutes of fame came and went in the decade some of you might think are the old days - the 60's. Others of us … [Read more...]

Halloween Half Moon & Spooky Spidey Cookies

Procrastinators R Us. This is for you. Go get a yellow GF cake mix from the store. Add one package each of orange and black cookie frosting (in a Betty Crocker tube), sprinkles if you must and get … [Read more...]

Peppermint Crunch Whoopie Pies, Gluten Free

What's a holiday without a festive Whoopie Pie, especially when it is as easy as this. From our Out of a Box Series - the Canteen brings you a holiday treat that you can make with one hand while the … [Read more...]