Nutella Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Gluten Free

Every February there's a holiday I look forward to celebrating. And it isn't the one with all the heart stuff. It's the other one - the one that pays homage to Nutella - World Nutella Day. I was a … [Read more...]

Nutella Buckeyes, Gluten Free

I love Nutella.  But that wasn't always the case. I'd no idea what we were missing until living in Paris for a few months. Nutella was everywhere or should I say in everything. Since then I've yet to … [Read more...]

Meringue Kiss Sandwiches with Nutella

Meringue Kisses with Nutella February 5th is World Nutella Day.   What better way to celebrate than to make these little Meringue Nutella Kisses sandwich cookies.  And read about  World Nutella Day … [Read more...]